What is term life insurance?

Purchasing a life insurance policy can aid in giving your loved ones financial security, but making the appropriate decision can be challenging. Life insurance coverage come in a variety of forms. Some have a predetermined length of time, such as term life insurance. Others, such as perpetual life insurance policies, might give lifetime protection along with additional savings or investing features.

Here is a list of the top life insurance providers for 2022 to get you started. We’ve also gathered information about the many types of plans, the methodology used to generate life insurance quotes, and the steps involved in buying a policy once you’ve found the one you want.

Best life insurance companies

  1. What is term life insurance: Haven Life
  2. What is life insurance: Bestow
  3. Best for Seniors: New York Life
  4. What is whole life insurance: Northwestern Mutual
  5. Most Universal Life Options: Lincoln Financial
  6. Best life insurance: John Hancock
  7. Best life insurance: AIG
  8. Best life insurance: State Farm
  9. Best Overall: Nationwide
  10. Tied for Cheapest Term: Banner Life
  11. Best for Living Benefits: Mutual of Omaha
  12. Best life insurance: Prudential
  13. Best for Financial Stability: MassMutual
  14. Best for Policy Customization: Transamerica
  15. Fewest Complaints: Guardian Life

Haven Life Insurance

Customers can apply for and manage their life insurance policies online with Haven Life thanks to its internet-first strategy, which makes it a great choice for term life insurance. To assist you in choosing the best life insurance company for your requirements, our Haven Life review provides information on costs, coverage, and other frequently asked issues.

The insurance industry has only recently welcomed Haven Life, a New York City-based company launched in 2014. Without the typical difficulties of insurance purchasing, Haven Life strives to provide affordable, simple-to-manage term life insurance coverage online. MassMutual or one of MassMutual’s subsidiaries issue the insurance policies for Haven Life, a digital insurance agency.


✅ High coverage limits

✅ May not require a medical exam

✅ Includes benefits like a digital will and fitness app


⛔ No permanent life policy options

⛔ Limited to age 64 and under

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Bestow Life Insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy could help reduce stress and protect your loved ones financially in the event of the unexpected, but choosing the right coverage for you can be difficult. Bestow, which we listed among the top life insurance companies for 2022, provides term life insurance with maturities ranging from 10 to 30 years.

Bestow was established in 2016 and is a provider of individual term life insurance plans. It is based in Dallas, Texas. Bestow acts as the authorised agent and collaborates with insurers that issue the insurance, including the North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.


✅ Simple online application

✅ Fast quote and approval process

✅ 30-day trial period

✅ No medical exam


⛔ New policies not available for older adults (60+)

⛔ Doesn’t offer permanent life insurance policies

⛔ Unavailable riders

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New York Life Life Insurance

Life insurance may be advantageous for folks who have families, own their own businesses, or have sizable financial investments. One company to which customers might turn for insurance policies is New York Life.

Incorporated more than 175 years ago is New York Life. It has been paying dividends to policyholders for 166 years straight, operates as a mutual corporation today, and has its headquarters in New York City.


✅ Offers term, whole, and universal policies

✅ Several riders are available to customize policies

✅ Some policies build cash value and pay dividends


⛔ Policies are expensive

⛔ Coverage and requirements aren’t fully explained online

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Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

It can be difficult to choose which life insurance provider would best guarantee that your loved ones are taken care of in the future when there are dozens of firms selling coverage. We’ve put together a thorough profile that addresses frequently asked concerns from customers to help you understand more about Northwestern Mutual’s life insurance coverage.

Northwestern Mutual, with its main office in Milwaukee, was established in the financial services sector in 1857.


✅ Offers term, whole, and universal policies

✅ Flexible policy options available

✅ Term policies can be converted to whole life policies


⛔ Must contact agent for quote

⛔ No online applications

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Lincoln Financial Life Insurance

Numerous alternatives for term and universal life insurance are available from Lincoln Financial. We’ve covered the policy options, pricing, and other crucial details of their life insurance so you can decide if it’s the best option for you.

In 1905, the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Lincoln National Life Insurance Company was established. Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln granted the company permission to use the name and Lincoln’s likeness, which is still featured in the corporate logo. The company is named after Abraham Lincoln. Today, Lincoln Financial Group provides both people and businesses with insurance and financial planning options.


✅ Term and universal policies available

✅ Medical exams aren’t always required

✅ Term policies can be converted to permanent policies


⛔ No whole life policies

⛔ Some policies don’t let you apply online

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John Hancock Life Insurance

John Hancock completes the range of financial services it provides by selling both term and permanent life insurance plans. This John Hancock life insurance review explains the various life insurance options and offers solutions to frequently asked issues about selecting a life insurance policy.

John Hancock, a Boston-based corporation that has the name of one of the Declaration of Independence’s signatories, offers a range of financial services in addition to life insurance.


✅ Term and universal policies available

✅ Coverage limits up to $65 million

✅ Permanent coverage for children offered


⛔ No whole life insurance policies

⛔ High coverage minimums for term policies

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AIG Life Insurance

With more than a century of experience, AIG offers affordable permanent life and term life insurance solutions to safeguard families, individuals, and elderly.

In 1919, American International Group (AIG) began selling insurance. The insurer now conducts business globally, providing retirement and investment services, as well as general property and liability insurance products.

AIG offers health insurance, personal accident insurance, and travel insurance in the American market. AIG additionally provides term life and permanent life insurance for individuals.


✅ Low-cost term life coverage

✅ Solid financial rating

✅ Available in all states


⛔ No no-exam term life coverage

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State Farm Life Insurance

State Farm provides customers with a variety of life insurance options, however it may be best recognised for its home and vehicle insurance services.
Here is our in-depth analysis that addresses frequently asked consumer issues about State Farm’s life insurance coverage to assist you in learning more.

The mutual firm State Farm, which was established in 1922 as a car insurance provider, now has 85 million active policies and accounts. Products include health, liability, and disability insurance, as well as life, renters, auto, and specialty vehicle insurance. Additionally, State Farm and Trupanion have a partnership to provide pet insurance.
The corporation also provides credit cards, a wide range of investments, house and auto loans, checking and savings accounts, and other financial services.
Its headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois.


✅ Received an A++ rating from AM Best

✅ Among the most affordable life insurance companies in our rating

✅ Offers term, universal, and whole life insurance


⛔ Not available in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

⛔ Policies must be purchased through a State Farm agent

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Nationwide Life Insurance

You should make sure you have a life insurance policy in place to support your loved ones in the case of your passing. According to our reviews, Nationwide is one of the best life insurance providers. Continue reading to learn more about Nationwide and determine if it’s the best choice for you.

One of the greatest financial services companies in the world, Nationwide was established in 1925. It provides a wide range of services, including insurance for life, autos, homes, renters, and pets. The business’s main office is in Columbus, Ohio.


✅ Offers a whole life no-exam policy

✅ No annual policy fee


⛔ Limited eligibility

⛔ No available riders

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Banner Life Insurance

Life insurance gives people the peace of mind that their loved ones will be financially supported when they pass away and their final expenses will be covered.
According to our rankings, Banner Life is one of the best life insurance providers and firms in 2022.

Term and universal life are the two life insurance policies that Banner Life, which is owned by Legal & General America, offers. This might be appealing to those who want to make the life insurance purchasing process as straightforward as possible, but it suggests that Banner Life might not be the greatest option for those looking for customised life insurance options.


✅ Affordable insurance rates

✅ Term life available for older Americans up to age 75

✅ Universal life is available for older Americans up to age 85

✅ No maximum coverage cap


⛔ Low coverage amounts available for universal life insurance

⛔ Not many riders and options for customization

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Omaha Life Insurance

Life insurance and other types of insurance are among the many products that Mutual of Omaha provides. This Mutual of Omaha life insurance review will go over the various life insurance options and provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the subject.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Mutual of Omaha is a mutual business that was founded in 1909. It also provides long-term care insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, and insurance for a person’s inability to work. Mortgages and annuities are among the financial services provided by Mutual of Omaha.


✅ Offers term, whole, and universal policies

✅ Some term life products issued up to age 80

✅ Universal life policies include accelerated death benefits


⛔ Coverage for whole life policies is limited

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Prudential Life Insurance

A wonderful strategy to prepare your family for prosperity after your death is to buy life insurance. Customers can customise both term and universal life insurance plans with Prudential Life Insurance to suit their unique needs. This thorough evaluation of Prudential’s coverage was written by us to assist you in learning more about it.

According to assets, Prudential Financial is the second-biggest life insurance company in the United States, and according to net premiums, it is the largest. As the Prudential Friendly Society, Prudential was established in 1875. Today, Prudential provides services and products to both businesses and individuals throughout more than 40 nations. The business’s main office is in Newark, New Jersey.


✅ Offers both term and universal life insurance

✅ Offers several riders for extra protection


⛔ No discount for bundling Prudential insurance products

⛔ Policyholders do not receive dividends on any life insurance policy

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MassMutual Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those financial decisions that many individuals would prefer not to think about. To assist you in selecting the best life insurance policy for you and your family, we’ll review the different MassMutual life insurance policies in this profile.

The headquarters of MassMutual are in Springfield, Massachusetts, and it was founded in 1851. MassMutual provides retirement planning, investment management services, and financial wellness advice on matters including estate planning and college savings in addition to a range of life insurance plans.
Employer benefit packages like group life insurance and pensions can be managed by business owners using MassMutual.


✅ Offers 15 main products in three categories: term, whole, and universal life insurance

✅ Pays dividends to policyholders of certain policies

✅ Some whole and universal insurance policies build cash value


⛔ Lacks strong offering of online tools and services

⛔ Rates are typically higher than other companies in our rating

⛔ Many policies require a medical exam

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Transamerica Life Insurance

Transamerica provides a variety of solutions to meet your coverage needs for life insurance, which is crucial for providing for your family after your passing.

In 1904, a bank called Transamerica was established in San Francisco. In addition to a range of life insurance plans, Transamerica now offers retirement services, mutual funds, and annuities. Companies and individuals can use services. Transamerica’s current corporate headquarters are in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, even though the business still maintains offices in its distinctive pyramidal building in San Francisco.


✅ Offers term, whole, and indexed universal life insurance

✅ Available nationwide

✅ Certain products build cash value


⛔ Must purchase through an agent

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Guardian Life Insurance

Having life insurance may provide you comfort in knowing that your loved ones are financially secure. Term life, whole life, and universal life plans are available from Guardian Life Insurance Company, one of the Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022.

This mutual firm, with its headquarters in New York City, was established in 1860 and offers individual life insurance. Individual insurance options include investment management, disability insurance, and retirement planning. In addition to providing benefits like 401(k) plans, Guardian Life Insurance Company also provides insurance for businesses.


✅ Permanent life insurance policies available to ages 18 to 85

✅ Offers term, whole, and universal life insurance policies

✅ Annual dividends for policyholders with whole life insurance


⛔ Cannot apply online

⛔ Must purchase policy through an agent

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