John Hancock Life Insurance in 2022

John Hancock completes the range of financial services it provides by selling both term and permanent life insurance plans. This John Hancock life insurance review explains the various life insurance options and offers solutions to frequently asked issues about selecting a life insurance policy.

John Hancock, a Boston-based corporation that has the name of one of the Declaration of Independence’s signatories, offers a range of financial services in addition to life insurance.


John Hancock Life Insurance Review

Both term and universal life insurance are available from John Hancock. The term policy includes term lengths ranging from 10 to 30 years and extraordinarily high coverage limits (up to $65 million). It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the minimum coverage limit for those products is $750,000, which may be more than some individuals want or desire.

The universal insurance policies have movable premiums and accrue monetary value over time. These insurance have coverage limits that range from $50,000 to $65 million. Additionally, purchases made on behalf of infants as young as three months old are permitted.


✅ Term and universal policies available

✅ Coverage limits up to $65 million

✅ Permanent coverage for children offered


⛔ No whole life insurance policies

⛔ High coverage minimums for term policies

John Hancock also offers a variety of riders, commonly referred to as add-ons, and wellness programmes if you want to customise your life insurance.
For instance, John Hancock Aspire offers policyholders with diabetes options like online consultations and health coaching, as well as discounts on specific items.

How Much Does John Hancock Cost?

Age, gender, region, health, medical history, desired level of coverage, and participation in high-risk activities are just a few of the many variables that influence life insurance rates, which can vary significantly.

Your life insurance rates will often be cheaper the younger and healthier you are. For the same quantity of coverage, women frequently pay less than males.
However, because there are other variables at play, requesting a quote—which is based on your particular situation—is the most effective approach to learn how much you’ll spend for coverage.

Examine the expenses for a $1 million policy with a 20-year term at different ages to help you establish a baseline for the John Hancock costs. Based on a non-smoker with average health, this statement is made. For comparison, the costs for policies and coverage amounts from other top-rated insurance companies for a 35-year-old woman range from $46.63 to $142.67. The chart shows that John Hancock’s rates fall between the middle and high ends of the range.

Cost for Seniors?

In general, the cost of life insurance increases as you become older. For comparison, John Hancock charges $281.66 a month for $1 million of coverage with a 20-year term for a 55-year-old woman in the standard-plus risk category. At age 65, that amount increases to $838.26 per month.

Cost for Smokers?

If you smoke, John Hancock will charge you more than twice as much for coverage. For instance, a 35-year-old female smoker will pay $162.26 a month for a $1 million 20-year term policy, compared to $70.16 for a female non-smoker. To be eligible, you might also need to pass a medical examination.

Term Life Insurance Options From John Hancock

✅ Offered for terms between 10 and 30 years.

✅ Guaranteed to have level monthly premiums.

✅ Available with coverages between $750,000 and $65 million.

In addition:

✅ There are no fees or medical tests required to change a term insurance policy to a permanent one.

✅ Different policies have different eligibility-age requirements.

✅ The financial benefit is a tax-free death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance Options From John Hancock

✅ Offered for lifetime coverage periods.

✅ Offered with flexible premiums.

✅ Available with coverage ranging from $50,000 to $65 million, depending on the policy type.

✅ Sold only through John Hancock agents.

In addition:

✅ There are options for fixed, indexed, and variable universal policy types.

✅ Different insurance policies have different age-eligibility requirements.

✅ The variable universal life insurance policy offers investment options.

✅ All three insurance policy types offer the option to adjust premium amounts and payment frequency within certain limits.

✅ All three policy types have lifetime premium payment terms.

✅ Death benefits are paid in a lump sum, in installments, or to an account funded by the proceeds.

✅ All universal life policies offer a long-term care rider.

What is covered by John Hancock’s life insurance?

Depending on the policy, a life insurance policy from John Hancock offers term or lifetime coverage. The tax-free death benefit can be used to pay for final expenses, mortgage payments, other debts, or beneficiaries’ bills like college tuition. It can also be used to pay for end-of-life or funeral costs.

Which riders are offered by John Hancock?

For qualified candidates, John Hancock provides a variety of rider alternatives. There is an accelerated death benefit rider, for instance.
This enables you to receive up to $1 million per insured individual, or 50% or 100%, of your eligible death benefit early. It is available for both term and permanent policies and kicks in if you are determined to have a terminal illness, however it may differ from state to state.

A rider for unemployment protection is also offered, but it’s only accessible with term life insurance contracts.

How long do you have to file a claim for John Hancock insurance benefits?

In general, state laws governing how long you have to file a claim for insurance benefits bind life insurance providers. For additional information, get in touch with John Hancock or an insurance representative directly.

Pay for death by suicide?

Generally speaking, state regulations governing payout for suicide deaths bind life insurance companies. In general, claims can be made by policyholders who have had their insurance for more than two years. To learn more about John Hancock’s policy, which may vary according on the type of policy and the state, get in touch with the business or an insurance agent directly.

Cover a drug overdose?

In general, state laws governing payment for a drug overdose bind life insurance companies. In general, claims can be made by policyholders who have had their insurance for more than two years. To learn more about John Hancock’s policy, which may vary according on the type of policy and the state, get in touch with the business or an insurance agent directly.

Can you get life insurance from John Hancock if you have cancer?

The type of cancer, the severity of the condition, the course of treatment, and the timing of that treatment are all considerations that are taken into account when a client with cancer applies for life insurance with John Hancock. In the end, John Hancock can provide coverage in a variety of circumstances.

How Do I Buy John Hancock Life Insurance?

Online applications and payments for John Hancock term life insurance policies are accepted, but if you’re interested in any of their other life insurance policies, you’ll need to get in touch with the business or a qualified agent.

Customers can use the calculator on the John Hancock website to determine their requirement for life insurance. Your current employment income, the length of time your beneficiaries will need coverage, your current assets and other potential sources of income, the estimated cost of your final expenses, the amount owed on your mortgage and other debts, as well as any additional life insurance policies you may have, are all things to take into account.

John Hancock offers electronic document management for the majority of its life insurance policy papers, including common forms, electronic copies, and online document storage, despite the fact that you cannot typically purchase policies online.

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