MassMutual Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those financial decisions that many individuals would prefer not to think about. To assist you in selecting the best life insurance policy for you and your family, we’ll review the different MassMutual life insurance policies in this profile.

The headquarters of MassMutual are in Springfield, Massachusetts, and it was founded in 1851. MassMutual provides retirement planning, investment management services, and financial wellness advice on matters including estate planning and college savings in addition to a range of life insurance plans. Employer benefit packages like group life insurance and pensions can be managed by business owners using MassMutual.

Life Insurance Review For MassMutual

The 15 major products offered by MassMutual, which is a national company, fall into three categories: term, whole, and universal life insurance. Policies within those categories can be altered to meet your specific requirements. Over the course of the policy’s term, you can accrue cash value with some whole and universal policies.
You may take out a loan based on this cash value and use the money for costs like last-minute bills or end-of-life care. In some cases, policyholders of life insurance receive dividend payments.


✅ Offers 15 main products in three categories: term, whole, and universal life insurance

✅ Pays dividends to policyholders of certain policies

✅ Some whole and universal insurance policies build cash value


⛔ Lacks strong offering of online tools and services

⛔ Rates are typically higher than other companies in our rating

⛔ Many policies require a medical exam

If you’re interested in purchasing and managing your life insurance online, MassMutual might not be a good choice because the majority of its life insurance products are sold through agents or financial advisors. There aren’t many online tools or services provided by MassMutual.

Although MassMutual has a superior financial strength rating of A++ from AM Best, indicating that it can pay claims, the company’s insurance product pricing often tend to be more expensive than those of its rivals.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost For MassMutual?

The policyholder’s unique circumstances will affect a number of aspects of life insurance pricing. Your age, gender, location, health, and way of life are a few of those variables. In order to assign a risk value to your policy, a medical examination may be necessary to ascertain your current state of health.

The type of policy, the period of the policy, the level of coverage you want, and whether the insurance has features like accumulating cash value are additional factors that affect rates.

In the example below, a 20-year term life insurance policy has $1 million in coverage. As demonstrated, your premium will be lower the younger you are when you purchase the coverage. These insurance policies provide a lump-sum payment that is tax-free and devoid of any built-up financial value.

Life Insurance from MassMutual Cost for Seniors?

For policyholders who purchase this product at age 65 and older, a stage in life when one’s health quality may drop and mortality risk value increases, rates for a term life policy with $500,000 coverage and a 10-year term can be rather expensive.

Life Insurance from MassMutual Cost for Smokers?

Smokers often pay higher premiums for life insurance regardless of their age because smoking raises their mortality risk. A 35-year-old male smoker will pay $193.63 for a 20-year term policy with $1 million in coverage, whereas a nonsmoker would pay $103.76, for the same policy.

Options For Term Life Insurance From MassMutual

✅ They are sold in 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year terms, and the term insurance policy offers an annual renewable term option.

✅ Policies have guaranteed level premiums.

✅ Starting coverage amounts are $100,000. Although the annual renewable term insurance policy has a $10 million maximum and the MassMutual Direct Term policy has a $3 million maximum, the underwriters set the insurance limit.

✅ You must be at least 18 years old to apply. Age 75 is the maximum age for which a term of ten years or one year with a yearly renewal is eligible.
The maximum age typically decreases by five years for every five years that are added to the period.

✅ A term insurance policy is available only through an agent, while a MassMutual Direct Term policy can be applied for online.

✅ Some term insurance policies can be converted to a permanent one with no fee and no medical exam.

✅ For a term insurance policy, the death benefit is payable in a lump sum.

✅ Both kinds of term insurance contracts come with premium waiver and expedited death benefit riders. An additional rider for the MassMutual Direct Term policy is the purchase of extended convertibility.

✅ Online calculators are available for the MassMutual Direct Term insurance to assist applicants in choosing the appropriate level and kind of coverage.

✅ Both types of term policies are fully underwritten and have the potential for accelerated underwriting if certain criteria are met.

Options for Whole Life Insurance from MassMutual

✅ They have lifetime coverage periods and guaranteed level premiums.

✅ All policies, with the exception of CareChoice One Hybrid Life and CareChoice Select Hybrid Life, build cash value over time, which is guaranteed to rise annually.

✅ All policies have cash withdrawal options, with the exception of CareChoice One Hybrid Life and CareChoice Select. A rider for an accelerated death benefit is also available.

✅ Some whole life policies have minimum coverage levels of $25,000, while others have minimum coverage levels of $100,000.

✅ Age limits in Legacy 100 policies are separated into nonqualified (ages 0 to 90) and qualifying categories (ages 17 to 90). Age limits are separated in Legacy 65 policies into qualified and nonqualified (ages 0 to 60). (ages 17 to 60). Age restrictions for Legacy 20, 15, 12, and 10 insurance are separated into nonqualified (ages 0 to 75) and qualifying categories (ages 17 to 75).

✅ Death benefits are available in a lump sum.

✅ There are no accessible riders for the CareChoice One Hybrid Life and CareChoice Select Hybrid Life policies. Additional life insurance, life insurance supplement, long-term care access, renewable term, guaranteed insurability, transfer of insured, accelerated death benefit, yearly term purchase, accelerated death benefit for terminal illness of surviving insured, estate protection, policy split option, survivorship additional life insurance, survivorship life insurance supplement, and waiver of premium are some of the possible riders for other whole life insurance policies.

✅ The CareChoice One Hybrid Life and CareChoice Select Hybrid Life policies offer the option to surrender the policy at any time for the policy surrender value, are dividend-eligible, offer a pool of financial benefits that can be used for long-term care expenses, pay a tax-free death benefit in the event that long-term care is required, and pay a tax-free death benefit. The other whole life insurance plans offered by MassMutual provide perpetual life insurance protection and dividend eligibility.
Each year, their value is assured to rise, and they provide favourable tax treatment.

✅ MassMutual’s whole life insurance policies are available only through agents.

✅ MassMutual offers an online calculator to help determine whole life insurance needs.

What is covered by Prudential’s life insurance?

Term policies offer coverage for a predetermined time period, while universal policies offer coverage for the insured’s lifetime or a predetermined amount of time.
The benefit is given to the designated beneficiaries in the event that the insured person passes away during the coverage term and can be used to cover final expenses, ordinary living costs, a mortgage or other obligations, college costs, or other dependent needs. It may also serve as a nest egg for close family members.

Options For Universal Life Insurance From MassMutual

✅ They have flexible premiums and lifetime coverage periods.

✅ Value may accumulate over time, and the variable policy offers investment options.

✅ As long as there is sufficient value in the account, loans are available for any reason.

✅ Universal life policies will not be canceled as long as premium obligations are met.

✅ Minimum coverage is $50,000 or $100,000, depending on the policy.

✅ The age range for the MassMutual SUL Guard and UL Guard plans is 18 to 85, whereas the age range for the company’s other universal life policies is up to 90. (or age 70 for Death Benefit Option 3).

✅ Depending on the specific policy, the following riders may be available with MassMutual universal life insurance: accelerated benefit, estate protection, policy split option, substitute insured, disability benefit, guaranteed term insurance, other insured (spouse or child), waiver of monthly fees, and waiver of specified premium.

✅ MassMutual’s universal life insurance policies are available only through agents.

✅ MassMutual offers an online calculator to help determine universal life insurance needs.

What is covered by MassMutual life insurance?

Beneficiaries of MassMutual life insurance plans can use the benefit to pay for funeral costs for the deceased and ongoing living expenses for surviving family members, pay off a mortgage or other obligations of the deceased, or cover other costs like kids’ college tuition. The permanent life insurance policies offered by MassMutual can also accrue cash value, which can then be withdrawn early or borrowed against to pay for unforeseen needs like medical emergencies or end-of-life care.

Which riders are offered by MassMutual?

✅ Waiver of premium (if you are no longer able to work)

✅ Additional life insurance rider (allows you to purchase paid-up coverage that increases the death benefit and accelerates the cash value)

✅ Renewable term rider (adding term to whole life coverage)

✅ Accidental death benefits rider (if your death is an accident)

✅ Yearly term purchase rider (directs your dividends to purchase one-year term coverage)

✅ Guaranteed insurability rider (allowing you to purchase additional coverage in the future)

Life Insurance pay for death by suicide?

Generally speaking, state regulations governing payout for suicide deaths bind life insurance companies. The majority of the time, claims can be made by policyholders who have had their policies for longer than two years. To learn more about MassMutual’s policy, which may differ depending on the type of coverage and the state, get in touch with the company or an insurance agent directly.

Cover a drug overdose?

In general, state laws governing payment for a drug overdose bind life insurance companies. The majority of the time, claims can be made by policyholders who have had their policies for longer than two years. To learn more about MassMutual’s policy, which may differ depending on the type of coverage and the state, get in touch with the company or an insurance agent directly.

Can you get life insurance from MassMutual if you have cancer?

Your best chance is to get in touch with MassMutual to go over your coverage options if you are a cancer patient or a cancer survivor who has successfully completed treatment.

How to Buy MassMutual Life Insurance

The simplest approach to get a MassMutual life insurance policy is to first establish your needs and preferences using the company’s online calculator, and then get in touch with a local advisor. You can use the website of the company to contact a MassMutual advisor whose name you know and who you’d like to work with.
If not, MassMutual will display the advisors nearby.

Term life insurance is the sole life insurance product offered by MassMutual that can currently be applied for online, despite the fact that many consumers may think that purchasing online is simpler. Although there are some limitations, you can choose to receive documents electronically.

MassMutual advises potential customers to think about the following elements and go through them with an advisor before buying life insurance.
Determine your reasons for buying life insurance, such as to provide for your family’s daily needs, pay for final expenses, leave a legacy to your children, or any other important considerations. This will assist you in determining the types of benefits you require as well as the amount and duration of coverage you require.

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