Top 4 Best Stock Market Apps for iPhones and iPads

Top 4 Best Stock Market Apps for iPhones and iPads

With a mobile version of the online trading platform you may use from the brokerage website, stock market applications for an iPhone or iPad provide you access to live stock market data and trading. Stock market applications provide access to essential stock market and investing tools that are tailored for phone and tablet screens, regardless of whether you’re a dedicated trader or a casual investor.

Consider several important factors, such as trading prices and fees, possible investments, account minimums, and mobile app features when selecting the best stock market applications for your requirements.

To assist you in determining which option is ideal for your investing requirements, here is a look at the top stock market applications for iPhones and iPads in 2022.

Is there a stock app on iPhones and iPads?

  1. Best Overall: TD Ameritrade
  2. Best for Beginners and Low-Cost Trades: Fidelity Investments
  3. Best for Options Traders: Tastyworks
  4. Best for Robo-Advising: Wealthfront

1. TD Ameritrade

Minimum deposit: $0
Fees: No stock trading commissions or recurring account fees
Account types: Taxable, retirement, education, specialty (business)


Our selection for the finest overall stock market app for iPhones and iPads is TD Ameritrade since it supports a variety of trading and investment requirements at a reasonable price. With access to active stock, options, ETFs, futures, currency trading, and other assets, customers may pick from a variety of investment applications to suit their requirements and investing preferences.

The primary TD Ameritrade mobile app, which provides access to all account functions in a practical mobile format, may be preferred by novice and passive investors. Professional and active traders may prefer the active trading app thinkorswim, which offers you integrated in-app assistance for your trading strategy and professional active trading tools.


  • Choice between the regular TD Ameritrade app or thinkorswim active trading app
  • No recurring account fees
  • No commissions for standard stock and ETF trades
  • Support for a wide range of investment products


  • Accounts are being merged into Charles Schwab, a process which should be complete by late 2023
  • Thinkorswim can be overwhelming for newer investors

2. Fidelity Investments

Minimum deposit: $0
Fees: No stock trading commissions or recurring account fees
Account types: Taxable, retirement, education, trust, business


Due to its user-friendly platforms and affordable trades, Fidelity is our choice for the best stock market app for novices and low-cost transactions. For novice investors, Fidelity’s mobile apps are easy to use, and it offers a wide range of instructional tools and services.

For novice investors, the account administration and investment process is made simple to follow with the Fidelity mobile app. You could also think about using the Fidelity Spire app. With automated features and other resources to assist you in building your account over time, this dedicated mobile app makes saving and investing simpler.

For self-directed accounts, Fidelity does not impose recurring account fees and does not charge commissions on the majority of trades. Also available from Fidelity are four index mutual funds that have no trading charges or cost ratios. The only cost most customers will encounter is $0.65 per option contract for typical investment activities. Many users can trade as a result without having to pay any Fidelity fees.


  • Choose the main Fidelity investment app or simpler Fidelity Spire app
  • No recurring account fees or commissions for common needs
  • Four mutual funds with no expense ratio


  • Fewer tools for advanced and professional traders
  • No futures trading

3. Tastyworks

Minimum deposit: $0
Fees: No stock trading commissions or recurring account fees; varying commissions for options trades
Account types: Taxable, retirement, trust, corporate


The brokerage Tastyworks specialises in options traders. Because of this concentration, it has done a fantastic job meeting the demands of active options traders, taking first place in our list of the greatest stock market apps for iPhones and iPads. Although it offers equities, ETFs, and futures, tastyworks is ideal for options. Customers of Tastyworks can trade cryptocurrencies as well.

The tastyworks iOS app offers easy access to watchlists, trades, portfolio monitoring, activity trading, and tracking other users’ trading strategies, along with all the other key features you receive with tastyworks on a PC. The social trading elements set this investing firm apart from many others.

When it comes to price, tastyworks doesn’t charge commissions on stock or ETF trading or recurring account fees. Depending on the asset, opening a contract for an option costs between $1.00 and $2.50; there is no closing charge. You will typically pay $0.50 a contract for stock and ETF options, which is less than the $0.65 charged by more established competitors. The greatest alternative for active stock, ETF, and options traders may be tastyworks.


  • Platform focused on options and active traders
  • Average $0.50 per contract fee for stock and ETF options trades
  • Cryptocurrency investing and trading support


  • Fewer supported investment products than some competitors
  • Higher fees for options on futures
  • 1% fee for cryptocurrency trades

4. Wealthfront

Minimum deposit: $500
Fees: 0.25% annually
Account types: Taxable, retirement, education


Due to its mix of versatile robo-advisor solutions and affordable pricing for a fully managed investment account, Wealthfront is our top pick for the best stock market app for iPhones and the best stock market app for iPads for robo-advising, or automated investment management.

When you sign up with Wealthfront, you have the option to either tailor and tune your portfolio to your tastes or select from a suggested portfolio prepared by expert investors for people with similar investing goals. Wealthfront aims to automatically keep the assets in your investing account within your intended range.

When choosing between managed investing and handling it yourself, wealthfront fees could be a cost worth taking into account. For many individuals, paying 0.25% to have their whole financial portfolio managed is a fair amount to pay. But bear in mind that Wealthfront also has a $500 minimum account balance requirement.


  • Fully managed portfolios by professional investors
  • Option to customize holdings to your preferences
  • Tax-loss harvesting adds an average 1.8% return to taxable accounts


  • 0.25% fee required for all accounts
  • $500 account minimum
  • Few investment choices

Choose the Best Stock Trading App for Your iPhone or iPad?

If you’re seeking for the greatest iPhone stock trading app, go beyond the app’s features. Think about the costs, investment options, and other account options. Even if a brokerage may have the most glitzy iOS app, it might not be the best option for your investing requirements.

How Does a Stock Trading App Work?

You may manage your investment accounts using stock trading apps on your mobile device, in this example an iPhone or iPad. You can often do actions after logging in, such as adding or withdrawing money, making trades, and looking into possible investments.

Many times, mobile stock trading apps offer the same functions as a full-featured internet platform. In other instances, though, the smaller screen and lack of a mouse and keyboard could result in a more condensed feature set. Before creating an account, it’s a good idea to be sure that the investment or service you want is offered.

Are Stock Trading Apps Safe To Use?

Investment firms use the best security procedures to protect client funds and accounts. Stock trading applications are secure as long as you choose a distinct, difficult password for your investing account and are aware of the hazards involved.

What is the number 1 stock market app?

The top stock trading apps in 2022 for novices are E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade. When comparing the two brokers, TD Ameritrade has the advantage in terms of trading tools and training materials. E*TRADE distinguishes out for being user-friendly, nevertheless.

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