Top 10 Best Money Making Apps

Top 10 Best Money Making Apps

Whether it’s taking on side jobs or earning rewards for particular purchases, technology is making it simpler than ever to earn a little extra money. With a money-making app, you may browse on your phone to hunt for gigs, offers, and other methods to make money.

Numerous money-making applications are readily available and catered to a range of demands and talents. These are some of the greatest applications for earning a little extra cash.

1. Rakuten: Best for cash back on online purchases

With the Rakuten app, you can get cash back for purchasing at more than 3,000 different retailers. It operates by teaming up with various retailers and receiving commission payments for purchases, which are subsequently given to customers in the form of cash back.

Rakuten collaborates with a number of well-known companies, including Etsy, Macy’s, StubHub, and Best Buy. Only a few retailers provide the chance to receive over 10% cash back on purchases.

By using the Rakuten app or installing the Rakuten browser extension, you can get cash back when you buy. By tying a card to Rakuten via the app and using that card to make in-store purchases, you may also earn money from those transactions. Four times a year, earnings are issued as checks or PayPal payments.

2. Ibotta: Best for cash back on in-store purchases

Like Rakuten, Ibotta provides cash-back benefits for purchases made in-store and online. Ibotta’s multitude of earning potential for in-store purchases, however, makes it stand out from the others.

You may link loyalty cards from certain merchants to the Ibotta app to receive cash-back incentives anytime you make purchases there. By submitting a receipt from one of the retailers that Ibotta collaborates with, you can also get cash back on purchases of certain goods that are featured in the app. You may choose to receive notifications on your phone whenever you are close to an Ibotta merchant by enrolling in Nearby Offer Alerts.

For each eligible transaction within 24 hours, you receive straight cash instead of accruing points and then redeeming them. When you hit $20, you may start withdrawing your money, which you can then use to buy gift cards or send to a bank account via PayPal. Ibotta gives a $15 sign-up incentive as of Nov. 10, 2022, which is credited after $50 in Ibotta purchases.

3. Depop: Best for selling clothes

Users may sell their used clothing and accessories on Depop. Depop started up as a social media platform for young creatives to meet up with emerging designers. The app has 26 million registered users now, 90% of whom are under the age of 26. It is a well-known online marketplace.

Anyone may sign up for a Depop account to list things, and the app provides seller services to instruct users on how to conduct successful online sales. Potential purchasers can like or save an item once it has been listed, and the app includes a chat feature so that buyers and sellers can interact. Additionally, sellers have the choice to provide worldwide delivery.

4. Swagbucks: Best for app-based tasks

The one-stop shop for earning money for doing different tasks is called Swagbucks. Through the Swagbucks app, you can earn money by doing things like watching commercials, taking surveys, and online shopping. You may also get prizes for purchasing certain items if you share a photo of your receipt to the app after you purchase.

You’ll receive a specific number of points for each activity you successfully accomplish. The points can then be exchanged for PayPal cash, gift cards to well-known businesses, or checks. The value of 100 points is $1, and according to Swagbucks, daily earnings range from $1 to $5.

5. TaskRabbit: Best for local tasks

If you want to do odd jobs here and there to earn additional money at your own pace, TaskRabbit can be a suitable alternative. The app links people in need of assistance in their neighbourhood with service providers, known as Taskers. On TaskRabbit, you may provide a variety of services, such as help with moving, yard maintenance, food shopping, and furniture assembly.

Download the app, choose the services you wish to offer, and complete a verification procedure to sign up to become a Tasker. You decide your own schedule and fees. To utilise the app, taskers must pay a one-time registration cost of $25.

6. Fiverr: Best for freelancers

An app called Fiverr was created to link different types of company owners and entrepreneurs with freelancers. Website design, copywriting, data engineering, and hundreds of more categories are just a few of the services that freelancers, or sellers in the app, may provide.

You must first register for a Fiverr account and go through the onboarding process, which includes watching a few tutorial videos. After that, you’ll be asked for details about your employment experience, skill set, and identification. Fiverr will evaluate the data to decide if you are authorised to register as a vendor.

Sellers can construct gig packages, which are three tiers of the service provided, after receiving approval. Each tier’s pricing is set by the vendor (between $5 and $995), and they are free to provide their services whenever they choose. As soon as the order is finished, payment is electronically sent to the vendor, albeit it may take up to two weeks for it to clear. Eighty percent of the cash goes to the seller, while twenty percent goes to Fiverr.

7. Survey Junkie: Best for taking surveys

You receive incentives from Survey Junkie for sharing your thoughts and online activity. The app will connect you with surveys that you can do on your own time and earn points for when you register. By installing the Survey Junkie Pulse browser plugin, which lets market researchers know about your online surfing habits (such as your online buying and website engagement), you may also earn points.

After that, points may be exchanged for cash via PayPal or gift cards from well-known merchants.

According to Survey Junkie, all information gathered from survey replies and online behaviour is encrypted and obtained straight from the researchers. Users can decide what information to disclose privately.

8. Airbnb: Best for renting out space

You may use Airbnb to rent out your property if you have a spare room or are going on vacation for a long. Almost anybody can become an Airbnb host by uploading images of their room and creating a listing on the desktop website or the app.

Anywhere in the globe can have spaces listed for rent by hosts. They choose the nights that are available, the price per night, the check-in and check-out timings, and the maximum number of visitors. Airbnb estimates that in 2021, hosts made an average income of $13,800. Although it is free to market a property, Airbnb retains a portion of the revenue – normally 3%, but up to 6% in some circumstances, such as when the host has stringent cancellation conditions.

9. UrbanSitter: Best for babysitters

A programme called UrbanSitter links parents with babysitters in hundreds of American cities. You must sign up with your availability, choose your own pricing, and pass a background check in order to become a babysitter on the app. To ensure the safety of both parties, parents must also confirm their identity.

Babysitters on UrbanSitter typically charge between $11 and $16 per hour for watching one child, however each one sets their own cost. For using its services, UrbanSitter doesn’t impose any fees, and it doesn’t take a percentage of money earned.

10. Rocket Money: Best for negotiating bills

Reducing recurrent payments is a novel method that Rocket Money makes money. It accomplishes this by reviewing your invoices and subscriptions, deleting any services you don’t want, and negotiating reduced prices on your behalf.

Other tools are also provided by Rocket Money to aid customers in managing their own finances. A spending tracker, automatic savings, and credit score notifications are a few of them.

Although the Rocket Money app is free, it will take a cut of any savings for the first year if it is successful in negotiating a payment on your behalf. Users have the option to have the service charge between 30 and 60% of the money made on negotiated invoices.

Top Line

These money-making applications could be excellent for certain people, but not everyone should use them. Before you begin, find an app that fits your talents and lifestyle.

These applications can make it easier to locate gigs and offers, whether you’re a regular internet shopper or have extra space to rent out. They can also provide you with new ways to make money. When evaluating if an app is worthwhile, it’s critical to consider the costs. Additionally, verify sure the platform is reputable to prevent you from becoming a victim of any frauds.

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