Top 9 Cheap Rental Cars Companies (USA)

Cheap Rental Cars Companies (USA)

Cheap Rental Cars Companies, The choices for hiring a car can be confusing and difficult to sort through. Additionally, there are several car rental firms for different needs and purposes of travel. Perhaps you want to get the greatest value for your money or are just looking for convenience when using the internet. Our top selections for the finest rental vehicle companies of 2022 have you covered for everything from organisations with exceptional customer service to businesses with eye-catching rewards programmes.

1. Best for Avoiding Additional Fees: National

For additional drivers and any other equipment you might require, such as car seats, ski racks, or GPS devices, most rental car agencies charge an extra daily price.
One-way car rental fees are another common fee that car companies impose. Therefore, if you rent a car from one site and drop it off at another, you will be responsible for paying to return the vehicle to the original rental location. The one-way cost, however, will not apply if you pick up and drop off at different airports, according to National.

All costs still apply even if you’re a member of the Emerald Club Loyalty Program. Members can, however, quickly and conveniently select any car from the Emerald Aisle section at a midsize car rate thanks to the programme. Additionally, after every six or seven eligible rentals, depending on your tier level, you can be eligible for upgrades and free rental days.

2. Best for Customer Service: Enterprise

Despite having slightly higher rates than other rental car companies, clients still favour Enterprise. With a score of 861 compared to the industry average of 830, a recent study revealed that they were the company with the greatest overall customer satisfaction rating. Only three other businesses performed better than the sector average.

With more than 7,600 sites nationwide, there is probably an Enterprise near you. Additionally, they have a four-tiered loyalty programme called Enterprise Plus that entitles participants to improvements on their annual rentals. Additionally, they have access to faster members-only check-ins, a dedicated phone number for customer care, and the ability to earn and redeem points for free rental days.

3. Best for Unlimited Mileage and Second Drivers: Alamo

Alamo provides unlimited free mileage as normal, and it lists a number of circumstances in which it will waive the additional daily driver’s cost, which is typically $15, if you’re travelling with another person or a group. The primary drivers’ spouses and domestic partners are not subject to an additional driving fee. Additionally, for corporate contracts when the second driver is a partner, employer, or colleague of the renter, the $15 additional driver cost is waived. You won’t pay an extra driver cost if you rent a car from Alamo and are a Costco member.

Customers receive a guaranteed 5 percent discount off the retail price with the Alamo Insider free programme. Military and AAA membership discounts, as well as free automobile class upgrades in some categories, are among the rotating special offers.

4. Best Airport Locations: Hertz

With more than 1,600 airport locations in the United States alone and coverage in smaller areas like Beloit, Wisconsin, and Newport, Vermont, it’s one of the biggest car rental firms in the world, but it’s not the cheapest. The common daily fee for Hertz is $60. (rates may vary depending on your specific location). We adore the variety of vehicles the company provides: in addition to the usual suspects for business trips, high-capacity vehicles for families, and small, economical vehicles for those on a tight budget, there’s also a rental section for Tesla electric vehicles and opulent “dream cars” from Mercedes and BMW that are treats for special journeys.

Additionally, the business provides up to 30% off of booked reservations and up to 20% off for AAA members. are no additional costs for AAA renters between the ages of 20 and 25.

5. Best Aggregator:

If you want to compare search for the best offers without having to switch between numerous online tabs for each automobile rental provider, a rental aggregator is a useful tool.

Alamo, Hertz, Avis, and Dollar are just a few of the well-known vehicle rental businesses that can be found on, along with some less well-known ones like Ace and Sixt. Overall, they operate approximately 60,000 sites in 160 countries, with an estimated eight million consumers. Customers are given the ability to choose the alternatives that best fit them, including flexible options and features like price match guarantees, no additional costs, the flexibility to select car seats, and 48 hours to cancel or change your reservation without incurring fees.

6. Best Discounts: Avis

The average daily rates for Avis are comparable to those of its rivals, but there’s a high possibility you could lower the cost thanks to a variety of discount codes, rebates, and incentives accessible to smart consumers who aren’t afraid to do some homework (AARP members also get special rates by default).

For instance, those who are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States, as well as veterans and members of the National Guard and Reservists, can rent a home for up to 25% less than the basic cost, while union members can save up to 30% on pay-now rates. Up to 30% of the base charge is discounted for AARP members.

You won’t have to worry about additional toll fees if you rent a car in the Northeast (from Maine to North Carolina), California, the Chicago area, Florida, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, or Puerto Rico. Companies whose employees need to borrow a car for a while can also benefit from rentals; small businesses, in particular, can save up to 30% on their rentals. When you enrol in their business programme, you also receive a free Avis Preferred membership, which entitles you to quicker pickup and drop-off for customers.

7. Best for Paying Upfront: Budget

If you pay when making the reservation, Budget gives a discount of up to 35%. (daily rates may vary depending on your specific location). Additionally, they frequently run special deals like 10% off rentals lasting five days or longer or SUV rentals for $50 per day, which appeals to travelling families who need more space. Rent a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, a convertible like a Chevy Camaro, or a pickup truck like the Jeep Gladiator from Budget if you’re looking for something different.

Please check the terms and conditions as there may be a cost for cancellations with many pay upfront rental programmes. For instance, Budget charges $150 for last-minute cancellations and $50 for those made at least 24 hours before your planned pick-up. In addition, there are no refunds for early or no-show returns of the rental.

8. Best for Rewards Program: Silvercar

There are incentive programmes available from almost every car rental company, but we like Silvercar’s simple, adaptable approach. When you register for a Silvercar account, you are automatically enrolled. You can earn one reward point for every dollar spent (excluding applicable taxes and fees) and enjoy no ban dates when you exchange reward points for free rentals. Additionally, as long as a purchase is completed within five years, points never expire. You can also use your rewards points to get free days or 50% off rentals by paying taxes and fees, depending on how many you have saved up.

Through the Silvercar app, you may reserve an Audi sedan or SUV in more than 20 airport and city locations, including those in California, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. Free WiFi, GPS navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, and Peg Perego child and pet carriers are just a few of the rental benefits offered by Silvercar.
In 2022, daily rentals have been averaging $80.

9. Best Online Check In System: Lyft

The on-demand ride-sharing company Lyft introduced its Lyft Rentals automobile rental programme in some areas in 2019 in collaboration with Sixt, a more established car rental company. The process of renting a car through Lyft is as simple as opening the app, selecting the key icon at the bottom right of your screen, and then following the onscreen instructions to configure your vehicle, which typically includes free add-ons like ski racks, child seats, and even a phone charger. We also appreciate that you get unlimited mileage, only pay for the tolls you really use (as determined by market pricing), and that other businesses may charge extra for toll transponders.

Additionally, the Lyft Rentals programme provides a $20 credit ($10 each way) that can be used to travel to and from the rental destination. Sixt-fulfilled locations get a $10 credit to spend whenever they like on Lyft. Renting can also be done on the website rather than the app. All you need to check in is your phone and your driver’s licence.


What is the cheapest way to get a car rental?

In our analysis of average rental car prices across different companies, weekly car rentals ranged in cost from $480 to nearly $700 — a difference of more than $200.

How much does it cost per day to rent a car?

Renting a car typically costs $30 per day overall. The location, insurance, additional fees and charges, as well as the vehicle you choose, all affect the pricing. Additional expenses like GPS or pre-paid fuel might significantly raise the cost of your ultimate purchase.

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