Best Electric Bike (Ebike) Insurance

Best Electric Bike(Ebike)Insurance

Ebike insurance protects your bike against losses like theft, damage, and accidents.

Because ebikes are a relatively new trend, there aren’t many ebike insurance companies on the market.

We found the best based on policy offerings, coverage limits, unique features, and discounts.

What Is Ebike Insurance?

Electric bicycles are specifically protected by an insurance coverage known as “ebike insurance.” Ebike insurance is a comprehensive plan that covers a variety of risks, such as theft, vandalism, collisions with cars, medical expenses, damage you make to other people’s property while riding, and even roadside assistance if your ebike’s battery fails while you’re away from home.

Best Electric Bike (Ebike) Insurance in 2022

  1. Velosurance
  2. Spoke Insurance
  3. McClain Insurance
  4. Sundays Insurance
  5. Simple Bike Insurance
  6. Progressive

1. Velosurance

Due to its comprehensive coverage, wide range of policy options, and special features that you won’t find from many other ebike insurance providers, Velosurance is the finest overall supplier of ebike insurance.


  • Wide variety of coverages, including some specialized policies
  • Discounts available for membership organizations
  • Nationwide repair shop network


  • Can’t get an instant quote online
  • No information about pricing or deductibles on the website
  • Not available in every state

Due to its nearly unrivalled coverage, Velosurance was selected as the top overall ebike insurance provider. Theft, collision and accident damage, transportation damage, roadside assistance, medical costs, and many more things are all covered by a regular policy. Anywhere in the globe, your bike is insured, and the provider can raise your coverage limit while you’re travelling for a modest price.

You can get liability insurance from Velosurance with per-occurrence limits of $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000. However, the corporation does not provide any information online about rates or deductibles, or about coverage limits for other products.

The replacement bike rental coverage, bike aeroplane shipping coverage, and racing coverage are a few of Velosurance’s standout specialty features. If your ebike needs to be repaired after a covered claim, it is simple to locate local repair specialists thanks to the worldwide network of bike shops that Velosurance has established.

Members of USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, and the International Mountain Bicycle Association can also receive insurance reductions through Velosurance (IMBA).
More than one coverage cannot be bundled because Velosurance exclusively offers bike insurance.

2. Spoke Insurance

We suggest Spoke Insurance to any ebike user searching for a cheap policy that won’t break the bank because it provides dependable ebike insurance starting at just $100 per year.


  • Policies start at just $100 per year for coverage
  • Good coverage options with generous limits
  • Low deductible options available
  • File a quote online through the Markel website


  • No discounts available
  • Only offered for Markel home and renters insurance customers
  • Worldwide coverage isn’t free

We determined that Spoke Insurance was the most cost-effective option for e-bike insurance. One of the least expensive providers we researched, premiums start at $100 per year. You can select a deductible from $200 to $500 each claim, and if you choose a deductible at the higher end, it may help to further reduce your cost.

Spoke Insurance will cover any ebike with a top speed of 28 mph or less. And as long as your ebike is under 750 watts, you’ll qualify for coverage.

Collision insurance, theft insurance, coverage for spare parts (up to $1,000), bike replacement cost coverage, medical payments coverage (between $1,000 and $10,000), liability coverage (between $25,000 and $100,000), reimbursement for bike rentals, and transit protection are all standard provisions of Spoke Insurance policies.
For an additional $12 a year, you can add emergency roadside assistance with up to 35 miles of towing, and if your bike requires repairs, you can go to any shop you like.

Unfortunately, Spoke Insurance isn’t available in all states.

3. McClain Insurance

For ebikers who seek more financial security and peace of mind in the case of an ebike accident, McClain Insurance offers high-coverage-limit ebike insurance policies.


  • Affordable premiums with a starting rate of $250 per year
  • High coverage limits for certain policies
  • Annual “Five Minute Insurance Checkup” ensures your coverage is always up-to-date


  • Very limited coverage compared to other providers
  • Not available in every state
  • Few third-party reviews, and no AM Best financial strength rating

By a wide margin, McClain Insurance offers the largest coverage limits of all the ebike insurance companies we evaluated. Up to $500,000 in liability and uninsured motorist coverage is available. Standard ebike insurance policies also cover property damage and medical expenses, although the available policy limits are not listed online.

Despite having high coverage limits, McClain Insurance still offers a rather small amount of coverage, especially when compared to some of the other providers we studied. Roadside help, overseas coverage, travel protection, or replacement cost coverage are not promoted by the firm as special features.

On the plus side, we appreciate how reasonably priced McClain’s e-bike insurance plans are. Ebike insurance coverage, according to the website, begin at $250 annually.
However, to learn more about the available deductibles, contact an agent.

Only a few states currently offer ebike insurance, so keep that in mind while thinking about McClain Insurance. At the moment, you can only purchase a policy if you reside in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Arizona. Anywhere in the nation that an ebike is ridden will be covered by your insurance, but the provider makes no mention of overseas travel.

4. Sundays Insurance

If you take your ebike on a trip abroad, Sundays Insurance provides excellent international bike coverage so you never have to worry about it getting broken, stolen, or lost in a cargo hold.


  • Comprehensive coverage options, including some unique policy options
  • Easy to get a quote, purchase coverage, and file a claim online
  • Free perks for Strava members
  • Ebike batteries qualify for coverage under a standard policy


  • Worldwide coverage isn’t available for free
  • Relatively low coverage limits
  • Not available in every state

The finest ebike insurance for overseas tourists is, in our opinion, provided by Sundays Insurance. You can get airline shipping coverage and physical damage coverage while you’re going abroad if you add a worldwide extension to your policy. The only drawback is that you must pay for the extension in order to benefit from these advantages.

There are numerous other coverage options that are applicable in the US, UK, and Australia with an ebike insurance policy with Sundays Insurance. Rental reimbursement, optional racing coverage, spare parts coverage up to $600, and many more options are available. Additionally, coverage is available if the battery of your e-bike is stolen or harmed in an accident. You are free to take it to any shop to get fixed thanks to Sundays Insurance.

Because Sundays Insurance solely offers bike coverage, unlike the majority of ebike insurance providers, there are no opportunities to combine your policy.
The business provides a multi-bike discount.

Sundays Insurance policies are underwritten by Tokio Marine. Coverage is sold nationwide, but policy availability and Strava perks will vary by state.

5. Simple Bike Insurance

We suggest a policy from Simple Bike Insurance if you have a growing collection of bicycles since it offers customisable coverage, free protection for competitive riders, and—best of all—discounts for insuring several bicycles.


  • Coverage is available nationwide
  • Several discounts offered for policy savings
  • Low-cost policies start at just $100 per year Cons
  • The primary operator on the policy must be at least 18 years old
  • Limited customer support options

Owners of several ebikes who want to protect them may think about purchasing a Simple Bike Insurance policy. If you add numerous bikes to the same insurance, the company offers a sizable discount, and you may earn the discount by insuring a variety of bikes, such as ebikes, road bikes, mountain cycles, and cruisers. Ebikes that are under 750 watts and 28 mph are eligible for coverage (with power assist).

A wide range of coverage is provided by simple bike insurance policies. In addition, you can purchase replacement rental bikes, collision coverage up to $10,000, liability insurance up to $25,000, medical payments up to $1,000, worldwide physical damage protection, roadside assistance coverage up to $1,000, spare parts coverage up to $1,000, competition fee reimbursement up to $1,000, and worldwide physical damage protection. Policies feature global physical damage protection and cover your bike anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Simple Bike Insurance offers policies that start at just under $100 annually with deductibles ranging from $200 to $500. To submit a claim, send an email to an agent. If your bike has to be repaired after a covered loss, there are no repair limitations.

A discount for specific membership organisations is available through Simple Bike Insurance in addition to the multi-bike discount. A 10% pricing reduction is available to members of USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, or the IMBA.

6. Progressive

Owners of ebikes who already have homeowners, renters, or condo insurance from Progressive can save money by adding the company’s bike insurance endorsement to their existing policies.


  • Reputable insurance provider with excellent financial strength
  • Endorsements tend to be cheaper than standalone policies
  • Online claims reporting tool


  • Must be an existing Progressive customer to get ebike coverage
  • Doesn’t include any information about pricing, coverage limits, or deductibles
  • No online quotes

Only Progressive offers a bicycle insurance endorsement that may be added to an existing house, renters, or condo insurance policy. Progressive is the only insurance provider on our list that offers this. It’s simple to add this endorsement to your existing Progressive insurance policy, and it could even be less expensive than getting a separate e-bike coverage from another insurer.

The most crucial insurance coverage you’ll want when riding your ebike is included in a bicycle insurance endorsement from Progressive. It covers property damage insurance, liability insurance, theft and vandalism insurance, medical payments insurance, and collision insurance. However, it lacks several of the benefits that other carriers offer, like as roadside assistance and spare parts coverage.

You must speak with an agent to add bicycle insurance to your policy as Progressive only offers it as an endorsement. A representative is available by phone or email around-the-clock.

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