Venice Film Festival review

Venice Film Festival review


By : Quick Insurance Guru

Friday, 2 September 2022

This sprawling, deeply personal film tips into self-indulgence, though there are powerful moments

Daniel Giménez Cacho winningly inhabits this alter-ego, who also shares with the multiple-Oscar-winning director

It’s clear from the first moments that this is a film propelled by a restless invention, a surrealist dream logic

But it’s hard to shake off the cloying sense of self-indulgence and self-pity.

Such puerile episodes alternate with more earnest ones.

The most authentic and come closest to giving the film the heart it so badly needs.

Making a meandering, 174-minute, self-regarding epic is a bold move, especially since Iñárritu is far from first to the party

By contemplating his own existence from every conceivable angle, Iñárritu has tried to go one better — and he has come up short.