Pumpkin pet insurance

Pumpkin started offering pet insurance in 2020 in response to the rise of cat and dog adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spot pet insurance

Spot Pet Insurance started insuring pets in 2006 and has helped millions of owners deal with their pet's vet expenses.

ASPCA pet insurance

The ASPCA is a well-regarded player in the animal welfare industry and  has helped millions of animals since its inception in 1866.

Lemonade pet insurance

Lemonade also offers several pet insurance discounts that can reduce your monthly premium. You can get 5% off multiple pets

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance started offering pet insurance policies in 2006  and has developed a range of comprehensive pet insurance plans as well  as accident-only

Healthy Paws pet insurance

Healthy Paws started as a non-profit organization to help disadvantaged  owners and rescue organizations meet their pet's veterinary needs and  financial obligations.

Pets Best pet insurance

Pets Best founder Dr. Jack Stephens started North America's first pet  insurance company in 1981 and used his experience to launch Pets Best in  2005.