Professional life coach Lesego Mothowamodimo recommends getting really good sleep as one of the tips to improving your wellness and mental health.

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Monday, 22 August 2022

"I say getting some sleep because it affects how we operate and how we  feel during the day and how you're able to physically and mentally  serve.

Do you recognise the need to take care of your body? Are you physically fit? How is your diet and sleep? Are you physically well?

Physical wellness

Are you coping effectively with life and in tune with your feelings? Do  you know what you're feeling and allow yourself to feel it?

Emotional wellness

Are you financially comfortable, and do you live within your means? Can  you get through the month comfortably without needing to be rescued  financially?

Financial wellness

Are you maintaining good and healthy relationships with others? Do you  enjoy being with others, and are you contributing to your friendships,  community and intimate relations?

Social wellness

Do you find joy in your job, and does your job give you personal satisfaction? Does the work you do enrich your life?

Occupational wellness

Is the environment you live in pleasant and healthy? Does the  environment you live in support your overall wellbeing? Are you  contributing to taking care of your environment?

Environmental wellness

Do you have a sense of purpose in your life? Does your life have a more significant meaning? Are you at peace within yourself?

Spiritual wellness

Are you growing intellectually? Are you expanding your skills and knowledge?

Intellectual wellness

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