Soon electric vehicles could charge faster than your iPhone

By : Quick Insurance Guru

Sunday, 28 August 2022

For many Americans, electric vehicles are alluring up until the point they think about taking it on a long road trip.

A gas powered car will likely let them drive a median of 400 miles on a full tank — and a refill takes minutes.

A full charge on an electric vehicle is more likely get them somewhere between 200 to 300 miles, and could take upward of 15 to 3o minutes of charging before hitting the road again.

In a report released this week, government researchers said they have found a way to charge electric car batteries up to 90 percent in just 10 minutes.

The method is likely five years away from making its way into the market, scientists said, but would mark a fundamental shift.

The slowest, known as level 1 chargers, can recharge an electric vehicle battery in 40 to 5o hours, according to the U.S.

Their algorithm was trained to analyze 20,000 to 30,000 data points which indicated how well the battery was charging and whether it was aging or degrading.