Serena Williams Told a Story With Her U.S. Open Outfit

Serena Williams Told a Story With Her U.S. Open Outfit


By : Quick Insurance Guru

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

What Serena Williams wears on the tennis court is secondary to the mastery and skill she exhibits on it.

So as the legend stepped out onto the court for the opening night of the U.S. Open, it came as no surprise that she did so in a look that was impossible to look away from.

Dripping in diamonds from head to toe in a custom set by Nike, designed in part by the athlete herself, Williams emerged to a roaring crowd in an outfit inspired by competitive figure skating.

The bedazzled bodice, a nod to the open night sky she was playing beneath at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing...

Was coupled with a six-layer skirt meant to represent Williams’s six previous wins at the tournament.

In her hair, jewels were nestled and glistening throughout in a subtle crown of sorts. On her feet....

a custom pair of Nikes featured a diamond-encrusted swoosh and 400 hand-set diamonds spelling out “mama” and...

“queen” on the deubrés of her laces, a collaboration with Williams’s eponymous jewelry line......

By : Quick Insurance Guru

Mere feet away in the stands, Williams’s daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., wore white beads in her braids just as her mother did for her U.S. Open debut over two decades ago.

Williams wore a black catsuit with a red waistband, meant specifically to “keep blood circulation” after the tennis star had trouble with postpartum clots.