New Apple Exclusive Reveals Cheaper iPhone 14 Prices

New Apple Exclusive Reveals Cheaper iPhone 14 Prices

By : Quick Insurance Guru

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

The iPhone 14 range is getting more expensive. This was the narrative for months until a little-known leaker flipped Apple’s pricing on its head earlier this week.

A new report from influential market analyst TrendForce reveals that iPhone 14 buyers might not only pay

Looking at prices, TrendForce has dropped its pricing margins for all iPhone 14 models by $50.


For iPhone 14 Pro models, this means a potentially smaller $50 price increase compared to previous analyst projections.

The iPhone 14 is now tipped to start from $749, which is $50 less than the iPhone 13 ($799), with the iPhone 14 Plus priced from $849.

This is a dramatic shift from earlier reports where every iPhone 14 model was tipped to go up in price by $100.

In addition to these lower prices, TrendForce expects entry-level storage for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models to double to 256GB.

This combination of lower-than-expected pricing and higher-than-expected storage is a calculated gamble, according to the analyst.

Aggressively pricing standard iPhone 14 models will open the door for fans who may have struggled to upgrade this year.