Best Nationwide Pet Insurance Review...

By : Quick Insurance Guru

Monday, 29 August 2022


1. Offers insurance coverage for exotic pets 2. Doesn’t permanently exclude some pre-existing conditions. 3. Has wellness-only, illness/accident, and “whole pet” options


1. Premiums are on the higher end of companies in our rating. 2. Benefit limits will depend on which plan you purchase. 3. Pets must be under 10 years of age to enroll

Nationwide offers four kinds of pet insurance coverage. Its Pet Wellness  plan covers things like vaccinations, wellness exams, and testing.

The Major Medical plan covers things like exams, prescriptions, chronic  conditions, surgery, hospitalization, and certain hereditary conditions.

Whole Pet plan covers everything Major Medical does plus benefits such as prescribed pet foods and supplements, gingivitis, parasite treatments, and Cesarean sections.

The Whole Pet Wellness plan includes coverage of injuries and illnesses as well as routine care for your pet.

Plans Available from Nationwide

You can also purchase Pet Wellness Basic or Pet Wellness Plus plans that  cover routine vaccinations, nail trimming, and fecal tests.

Plans Available from Nationwide