One of the mysteries of space has been sorted out once and for all, with  sounds from a galaxy cluster released for the first time by NASA.

By : Quick Insurance Guru

22 August 2022

To some, the sound is eerie, almost haunted; to others the noise sounds more like the TARDIS (from Doctor Who) is coming in to land.

After more than 11.5 million views the Twitterverse has lit up, with some proclaiming the noise is "creepy", while others say it sounds like a race car engine.

"The sound you hear is amplified a lot, and other sounds are interpreted from light data," it said.

By : Quick Insurance Guru

"Most space is a vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel," it Tweeted. "A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we've picked up actual sound."

"In this sonification of Perseus, the sound waves astronomers previously  identified were extracted and made audible for the first time," it  said.

The space agency says there is a misconception there is no sound in space. "The sound waves were extracted outward from the centre."