"Mike," which premiered on Hulu on Aug. 25, tells the story of Mike Tyson, played by Trevante Rhodes.

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Thursday, 25 August 2022

The real-life Tyson has often provoked strong emotions among the general public, from reverence to disdain.

"Mike" doesn't try to frame Tyson's story through any particular lens, though.  in getting to the heart of what made him who he is.

"Mike" dives into his early experiences with love and violence in Brownsville, a neighborhood in Brooklyn in NYC

The show's fifth episode, "Desiree," switches away from Tyson's point of view and the labels he has been defined by

As much as it focuses on Tyson, "Mike" also explores the people who surrounded and shaped him.....know more

More recently, the real Tyson has also confronted "Mike" itself,  claiming that Hulu "stole my story and didn't pay me" in an Aug.

In the end, the Tyson saga remains as complex as ever, playing out over the headlines in real time as it has for decades.

Tyson's recent comments and past have inevitably cast a shadow over the series. But in the end...know more

"That's what you want to be able to do as an actor. You want to be able  to work opposite people who take it as serious as you do," Hornsby says.

"You work opposite people who come with their A game and their level  best and they're ready to give it. And when they do, then you can play."