Gmail service has dominated the industry since it launched in 2004. Despite being much older Yahoo Mail, Gmail only significant rival falls well behind in terms

By : quickinsuranceguru

22 August 2022

The success of Gmail is generally credited to its straightforward, approachable layout. Additionally, it has a huge number of functions that greatly enhance emailing.

Gmail is extremely useful for both personal and professional purposes.  Learning as many of its features as possible will make your life a bit  easier than ever.

The majority of Yahoo mail users who switch to Gmail have one common  technicality. Gmail displays fewer emails per scroll than Yahoo Mail.

1. Change how emails are shown

Many users are unaware that they can easily change this view using  Gmail's Settings. Gmail provides three Density options: Default,  Comfortable, and Compact.

The default view is the one you see the first time you use Gmail.  Gmail's Comfortable feature hides each email's attachments, reducing the  amount of space used per line.

With Gmail’s Reading Pane feature, you could read your emails without  having to click each one and navigate back to your inbox every time.

2. Activate the Reading Pane

When you enable Reading Pane, your inbox is divided into two sections.  The one side displays your inbox list, while the other displays the  content of the email you clicked

All emails are sent as soon as you click the Send button. On the other  hand, Gmail allows you to schedule your emails to be sent later.

3. Schedule Emails at any time

With email scheduling, you can specify a future date or time for Gmail  to send your email. However, this feature is limited in that you can  only schedule one email at a time.

When working outside of your shift, this feature is extremely useful.  You can avoid your boss knowing that you occasionally work after hours.

3. Schedule Emails at any time

Gmail allows you to choose when snoozed emails will reappear. You could  choose your own time and date to when to snooze the emails.

4. Snooze less important emails

The email was always perceived as permanent. It used to be impossible to undo once you sent it.

5. Undo your angry emails to your boss

Back then, you could be certain that your boss would read your angry  email the next time he opened his inbox. This is, thankfully, no longer  the case with Gmail's Undo Send feature.

For a limited time, Gmail allows you to undo a sent email. After you  send an email, an undo button will appear briefly in the bottom-left  corner of the page.

5. Undo your angry emails to your boss

Even better, Gmail lets you choose how long you can undo emails. Go to  Settings > General > Undo >Send, to access this option.

5. Undo your angry emails to your boss

Gmail’s well-organized interface is one of its most notable features  which users might like. In Gmail, you can label your emails and organize  them into subfolders.

6. Subfolders & labels