2023 Mini Hatchback

The Mini hatchback has always been one of the best-selling small cars on  the market. The upcoming 2023 model has been refreshed inside and out...

2023 Tesla Roadster

Tesla's production model was the "Roadster," a sports car based on  the Lotus Elise chassis and released in 2009. A new  Roadster is due to be released in 2023.

2023 Toyota Corolla GR

Seriously hot model, with a more  powerful version of the engine fitted in the GR Yaris. Under the hood  will be a 300-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter, 3-cylinder unit.

2024 Ford Mustang S650

The Ford Mustang is rapidly approaching its 60th birthday, and with a  new seventh-generation model upcoming, hopes are high. The car is going  to receive a full refresh

2023 Porsche Macan EV

With a rumored launch date of 2023, the fully electric Porsche Macan is  an exciting proposition. To the front, the car sports the same quad  lights that the Taycan EV also has.

2023 Chevrolet C8 Z06

Fastest and most capable car ever made, the  2023 C8 Z06 is eagerly anticipated. With a high revving 5.5-liter  naturally aspirated V8, the car will have plenty of power.

2024 Cupra Tavascan

Cupra is seeking to grab a slice of the growing electric SUV market with  the upcoming Tavascan. Currently, in concept form, the car is expected  to be released in 2024

2024 Renault 5 Electric

Renault 5 was released back in 1972, and production  continued until 1996. Renault has decided to revive the car and is  bringing it back as a fully electric.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over

French sports car manufacturer Alpine is best known for its A110 sports  coupe. The brand is now diversifying and taking advantage of the  electric revolution.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Life GTX

Other VW ID models such as the ID 4 and ID 5 are available as  higher-performance GTX versions, so it makes sense this would continue  with the ID.Life.